Hosted Phone System

Flexible & Reliable Telephone Systems for Today's Businesses

The evolution of business telecom technology is the Hosted PBX. This technology provides all businesses with a sophisticated, reliable, cost effective telephone system, while greatly minimizing equipment & monthly costs. ITS, installs, maintains and will continually upgrade your system, so that you will always have the newest features and functionality. A Hosted PBX allows employees to from anywhere on any device (phone, cell phone computer, Tablet). Remotely you will have all the features and functionality as if you were in the same office space, making employees much more productive & professional. Just like a large company telephone system, you can transfer callers, put them on hold with music or messages, set up conference calls or have the phone answered by an automated attendant, forwarded to your cell/device of choice.

The hosted system is complete with all the features at a price your company will love. Our Hosted system will be designed specifically for your business needs, flexible and reliable as you need it to be, and can easily grow & scale as you do. Complete with a full suite of features at a price every company will love, our Hosted PBX is the phone service designed for your business. Whether it’s two users remotely or a multi-user, we provide a complete solution customized for your individual business needs.

Our service includes telephone numbers, local and long-distance calling and a complete line of powerful and customizable features. The feature list provides auto-attendants, call queues, call recording, mobility, conference calling, and much, much more. We offer companies with multiple employees and locations the ability to operate as one under one platform.

The Benefits of a Hosted PBX

  • Scalability – Being able to scale, grow and change your phone system as your business grows, very easily, without any interruption. Unlike, old phone systems, hosted allows company’s to easily add, remove telephone & extensions lines within minutes without and hassle. Our virtual system can expand and grow with your business as you need when you need.
  • Reliability – When your business relies on its phone system to service to survive our system will provide connectivity. In the simplest terms, reliability refers to having continuous access to your phone service. Our System operates in a data centers with complete redundancy and remain in operation even when your location is out of commission- allowing employees access the system remotely and keep business moving and productive.
  • Cost Savings – customers do not need to make a large upfront investment on a phone system, and there are no maintenance/upgrade costs. With our solution the phone system is operated, maintained & monitored completely by ITS.
  • Mobility – Work is no longer a place to go an office we travel to and from. Work/productivity is something we do, whether it is home, at a hotel, from a restaurant. Our hosted system allows employees to work anywhere, anytime and on any device they choose. This makes your company more productive & flexible to your client’s needs.
  • Business Continuity – Businesses rely on their phone system as the life line to growing and surviving. Organizations cannot risk interruption and downtime. Redundancy, up time guarantees, reliability and flexibility come with our hosted phone system.
  • Productivity – Your employees will get more done with our Hosted Phone System. Our system allows you to easily generate detailed reports, automatically record calls, and track performance daily and over time. Your employees productivity gains are greatest when you unlock mobility, and allow them to work anywhere at any time.

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