Unified Communications

Unified Communications, often known as UC, is a term to describe the market’s efforts to integrate all the “apps”. It brings together all the ways your business communicates to allowing the user to have all this information easily accessible, when or where they need access (home, work, hotel, vacation) and how they need access (laptop, tablet, smartphone) – making your business much more efficient.

The Benefits of Unified Communications

  • Superior Reliability – UC offers superior reliability by creating redundancies protecting against any downtime or loss of business. If one application goes down (phone or data) another means of communicating is waiting to replace it immediately.
  • Streamlined Technology – Unified Communications provides real-time access to all (phone, data, email, messaging, conferencing). By bundling these services and partnering with ITS, customers can optimize productivity across all business operations.
  • Unified Communications is Anywhere & Anytime – Work anywhere, anytime from any location (hotel, home, vacation, etc.). You will no longer be limited by the silo of being in the office.
  • Transformative Collaboration – With advanced suite of tools allows all employees can collaborate in real-time. Companies can respond faster to the market changing and gain competitive edge and to gain opportunities that may have gone unnoticed. Unified Communications creates an environment that can be supported across multiple channels, and companies gain a huge competitive advantage by being more efficient.
  • Hardware Requirements & Staffing – Unified Communications allows you to move every purchase, update, and maintenance task associated with your technology. Providing a skilled IT team by removing maintenance headaches and costs, and giving companies significant savings.

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