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It’s not a machine. It's a smart workplace assistant.

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Today’s workplace has evolved beyond the ability of any single machine to fulfill productivity needs of the modern, mobile, always connected workforce. It’s time to stop thinking about printers as stand-alone, task-specific workhorses, and start demanding more up-to-date, useful—and useable—solutions.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology delivers.

Each ConnectKey Technology-enabled printer and multifunction printer in our lineup becomes the center of a productivity ecosystem, bringing together all your devices, delivering an intuitive user experience, providing mobile and cloud connectivity, complete security and access to value-extending services right out of the box. You’ll do more than print, scan or copy. You’ll connect like never before.

Intuitive User Experience

An entirely new—and yet entirely familiar way to interact that includes a tablet-like experience, with gesture-based touchscreen controls and easy customization.

Mobile and Cloud Ready

Instant connectivity to cloud and mobile devices right from the user interface, with access to pre-loaded, cloud-hosted services that let you work where, when and how you want.

Benchmark Security

Full multi-level protection for both documents and data, ready to guard against and eliminate emerging threats and meet or exceed regulatory compliance.

Enables Next Generation Services

Work more efficiently and manage resources more effectively. Easy integration of Xerox® Managed Print Services enables remote monitoring of service delivery and consumables, plus remote configuration for even more time savings.

Gateway to New Possibilities

Instantly extend your capabilities with access to the Xerox App Gallery, featuring real-world apps designed to optimize digital workflows. Commission our network of partners to design innovative, business-specific solutions. Find out more about how you’ll work smarter at

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Intuitive User Experience

Finally. Multifunction printers that work the way you expect them to—with a consistent user experience across the portfolio—and in perfect synch with the other devices you depend on to get work done.

Keeping it consistent.

With a ConnectKey Technology-enabled fleet—regardless of model—the user experience is always consistent. Common functions work similarly on every machine so users learn once and apply fleet-wide.

New installation wizards streamline setup to get you started with little or no IT support. Print drivers look and feel the same, while the Xerox® Global Print Driver® can be used on all machines regardless of model.

Touch, and go fast.

The multi-touch experience—the way millions of phone and tablet users interact with today’s most advanced devices—now finds its way to the printer or multifunction printer you’ll depend on to get work done quickly and easily.

Swipe, tap and pinch your way through simplified workflows on a large, colorful, tablet-like screen. Download apps directly from the Xerox App Gallery, and customize your interface to keep the apps you use most front and center. It’s a completely new—and yet entirely familiar—way to power through complex workflows and common tasks.

Let’s Customize.

With ConnectKey Technology's flexible design, device interfaces are customizable to provide only the apps you use most— including specific 1-Touch workflows to or from cloud or network locations.

And because ConnectKey Technology is built on an open systems architecture (Xerox Extensible Interface Platform®) even more customization is possible for highly specialized workflows.

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Mobile and Cloud Ready

Your connected workforce—whether at home, on the road or in the office—relies on a variety of devices to do their jobs, and multiple remote locations from which to send or retrieve documents and information. Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology brings it all together. All key functions and settings can be accessed from an easy to understand, icon-driven touch screen which offers total control while automating as many processes as possible.

Ready for the way you work.

All ConnectKey-enabled printers and multifunction printers give you the freedom to work where and how you want to—with direct connectivity to Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox™ and access to additional options through the Xerox App Gallery.

The ability to connect and print from multiple devices is key for today’s mobile worker, and ConnectKey multifunction printers are ready to roll with optional Wi-Fi connectivity, front-panel-integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) Tap-to-Pair, Apple® AirPrint® and native apps for Google Cloud Print™, Xerox® Print Service for Android™ and Mopria®.

Convenient, versatile and cloud connected.

With easy-to-use apps like Print@PrintByXerox, printing to any ConnectKey Technology printer is as easy as sending an email with an attachment, and retrieving it at any ConnectKey Technology-enabled device worldwide. It's easy, secure and free.

Scan or print directly to or from the cloud, easily share documents with individuals or groups without the hassle of multiple steps, and create editable documents from hard copy source material. It’s all possible, right from the device.

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Benchmark Security

Security is a top priority for every business. Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology exceeds industry standards for security features and technologies. Work with total peace of mind.

A higher standard

Although it’s integral to our technology, there’s nothing standard about the levels of security included with every ConnectKey-enabled device. Our holistic four-point approach to security ensures comprehensive and all-encompassing protection for all system components and points of vulnerability.

Intrusion Prevention

ConnectKey Technology utilizes a comprehensive set of capabilities that prevents malicious attacks, the proliferation of malware, and misuse of/unauthorized access to the printer, whether from transmitted data or direct interaction at the device.

All possible access points are secure, including the user interface and input ports accessible to walk-up users as well as PC, server, mobile devices or cloud connections.

Device Detection

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology runs a comprehensive Firmware Verification test, either at start-up or when activated by authorized users. This provides alerts if any harmful changes to the printer have been detected. McAfee® Whitelisting technology constantly monitors for and automatically prevents any malicious malware from running.

Document and Data Protection

Our comprehensive security measures don’t stop with preventing unauthorized access to your printer and securing your information from the inside. ConnectKey Technology provides capabilities to prevent intentional or unintentional transmission of critical data to unauthorized parties.

From protecting printed materials by not releasing documents until the right user is at the device, to preventing scanned information reaching beyond its intended recipient, ConnectKey Technology offers the safeguards you need to keep your most critical data assets safe and secure.

Xerox also protects all your stored information, using the highest levels of encryption. You can delete any processed or stored data that is no longer required using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and U.S. Department of Defense approved data clearing and sanitization algorithms.

External Partnerships

ConnectKey Technology provides extra security standards through our partnership with McAfee®. We measure our performance against international standards with certifications like Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 to ensure our devices are trusted in even the most secure environments.

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Gateway to New Possibilities

Multifunction printers built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology are more than machines. They are workplace assistants and the centerpiece of a workplace transformation and productivity ecosystem combining all the technologies, capabilities and extensibility you need to let your work—and work teams—flow.

Easy, app-based functionality

ConnectKey Technology brings an entirely new level of flexibility, efficiency and possibility to your workforce with both its native apps and those available through the Xerox App Gallery.

Native apps simplify print, scan and copy functions as well as provide access to contact lists and frequently used locations, while apps available through the App Gallery allow users to download serverless apps like Print from Dropbox™ and Scan to Microsoft® Office 365® directly from the user interface.

With Xerox® Personalized Application Builder (PAB), Xerox partners can offer even more sophisticated levels of customization to automate your unique workflow requirements. (For Xerox channel partner customers. Xerox Direct sales customers should contact their sales executive for information on the Xerox® MFP Workflow App Customization Program.)

It all adds up to unlimited opportunities to streamline processes and improve productivity.

Cloud Connected

In addition to the extreme productivity you'll gain from ConnectKey and its mobile apps, our Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (an open architecture software platform available on all ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices from entry level printers to large office multifunction printers) allows our partners and independent software developers to offer sophisticated solutions for document management, workflow automation, security and accounting.

With Xerox Extensible Interface Platform®, your ConnectKey-enabled printer or multifunction printer can adapt to the way you work with comprehensive, custom productivity-enhancing solutions for document management, accounting, mobile printing and user access controls.

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