Cost Savings

Perhaps, one of the most significant benefits of cloud Technology is considerable savings in your IT cost. No matter what their type or size, by moving to cloud computing you can save substantial capital costs through reduction in spending on equipment, infrastructure and software. It allows you to rent additional processing power over the Internet without having to use million-dollar machines as servers. Rather than spending big money on hardware, software or licensing and renewal fees you will cut down your both capital and operating costs by using the One resource of your cloud service provider (ITS). The includes the costs of system upgrades, new hardware and software etc. Besides, by moving to cloud you avoid recruitment of IT staff and also save on your energy consumption for running your own data center. As the Cloud platform is utility based, you only pay to ITS just for what you use when you need it.


An advantage of cloud Technology is the reduction in hardware cost. Instead of purchasing in-house equipment, hardware needs are left to ITS. For companies that are growing rapidly, new hardware can be a large, expensive, and inconvenience. ITS, alleviates these issues because resources can be acquired quickly and easily. Even better, the cost of repairing or replacing equipment is passed to ITS.


ITS can also lead to a dramatic decrease in labor and maintenance costs. As a result of the hardware being owned by ITS and stored in off-site locations, there is less demand for in- house IT staff. If servers, copiers, phone systems or other hardware need repairs or upgrades, it is the responsibility of ITS and doesn't cost your company any time or money. Eliminating routine maintenance can free your IT staff to focus on important initiatives and development. In some cases, this could even mean reducing staff size. For companies lacking the resources for an in-house IT staff, the ITS will help eliminate costly third party hardware repair bills.


In addition to the outright labor savings, Technology can be extremely cost effective for enterprises because of the increase in workforce productivity. The deployment of cloud software is notably faster than conventional installation. Instead of the weeks or months that a standard company-wide installation may take, cloud software deployment can happen in a matter of hours. This means employees can spend less time waiting and more time working. Adoption time is also decreased with cloud solutions. Finally, most cloud storage and software applications are available anywhere, through an internet connection. This is great news for enterprises that rely on travel or telecommuting policies in place.

Capital Investment

Typically, cloud solutions are available in a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This format provides savings and flexibility in several ways. Foremost, your company doesn't have to pay for software that isn't being utilized. Unlike an upfront license, cloud software typically only costs per use. For companies that need top-tier products but don't have extensive funds immediately available, cloud solutions provide fantastic flexibility.

Have you considered maximizing your budget with cloud technology solutions? If not, it's time to look into what the cloud can offer. ITS, has done the heavy lifting for you.

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